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SEAMANAGER is a comprehensive administration solution managing administrative tasks on the vessel - crew management, payroll, vessel's account, radio accounts, port call administration, vessel certificates, rest hour registrations etc. Administrative tasks are managed mostly on MS Excel / Word documents which are non-standard, often obsolete and consume more time to prepare documents! SEAMANAGER is the only dedicated software available onboard for carrying out administrative tasks.

MLC Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 Standard A2.3 - Hours of work and hours of rest

12. Each Member shall require that records of seafarers' daily hours of work or of their daily hours of rest be maintained to allow monitoring of compliance with paragraphs 5 to 11 inclusive of this Standard. The records shall be in a standardized format established by the competent authority taking into account any available guidelines of the International Labour Organization or shall be in any standard format prepared by the Organization. They shall be in the languages required by paragraph 11 of this Standard. The seafarers shall receive a copy of the records pertaining to them which shall be endorsed by the master, or a person authorized by the master, and by the seafarers.

14. Nothing in this Standard shall be deemed to impair the right of the master of a ship to require a seafarer to perform any hours of work necessary for the immediate safety of the ship, persons on board or cargo, or for the purpose of giving assistance to other ships or persons in distress at sea. Accordingly, the master may suspend the schedule of hours of work or hours of rest and require a seafarer to perform any hours of work necessary until the normal situation has been restored. As soon as practicable after the normal situation has been restored, the master shall ensure that any seafarers who have performed work in a scheduled rest period are provided with an adequate period of rest.

Rest Hour Registration Section (ILO 180)

This section helps the Master and the ship owner to achieve full control of the rest hour registration and to properly document any breach of regulations. A PDF file is generated for each crew member for documentation. PDF files are sent to office for archiving in 3 years. Using only one system to maintain the administrative tasks onboard the vessel. Reason codes and a set of standard reasons for violation of rest hour have been defined by the owner. Any violation is clearly shown in red.Seamanager Rest Hour Registrations

Crew Management Section is used to automatic sign on/off personnel and to change their capacity/duty status if necessary. This section is also used to enter and maintain data regarding the crew. The program is automatically checking for Safe Manning and Reassignment. Seamanager Crew Management
Seamanager Statement Of Working Hours Payroll Section enables you to enter and view payroll details for the crew members. The Ships Account and the crew's individual accounts can be maintained and printed. Allowance/Deductions, Mass Reporting, Shorthand Allowance, Cash Drawn/Returned, War Zone Information, Primo Rates (Currency exchange rates), Pay Slips, Monthly Ship's Account are some of the features available in SEAMANAGER.
Vessel Certificate Section enables you to manage the vessel's certificates. This section includes an extensive alarm feature and Status Reports. Seamanager Certificate List
Seamanager Bond Inventory List Bond Section keeps track of the vessel's hospitality and entertainment, crew member consumption of items in the slop chest and maintains bond inventory.

…and many more sections:

Port Information Section. This section allows you to register the requirements for port documents in connection with ports of call, both arrivals and departures. Port Information, Ports of Call, Provision Stores, Deck/Engine Stores.

Crew Appraisal Section is used to print performance evaluation forms and to register the appraisal results. Crew Appraisal List, Crew Performance Information, Performance Guidelines.

Radio Account Section allows you to handle the accounting of communication costs to and from the vessel. Radio Account Lists, Private correspondence, Charterer correspondence, Master's correspondence,  Print outs of Radio Accounts.

Victualling Section enables clear, transparent and uniform procedures to monitor budget and to follow-up on victualling cost analysis onboard vessels and reporting to shore side administration.

The SEAMANAGER solution offers you a wide range of benefits:

  • Standard reports and administrative routines across the fleet - for easier familiarisation by vessel's staff.
  • Eases the Master's and the officers administration tasks.
  • Rest hour documentation according to ILO 180.
  • Easy generation of port papers.
  • Administration of internal crews.
  • Administration of charterers and agents.
  • Overview of crew's personal information (vaccination, personal effects, CV info and much more).
  • Multiple currency support.
  • Integration/interface with a variety of other systems.
  • Fulfils USCG reporting requirements for the e-NOA/D.
  • Customised to specific requirements.

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