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Crew Appraisal

Crew Appraisal Section

The Crew Appraisal Section is used to print performance evaluation forms and to register the appraisal results. This section is normally tailor made to customers requirements.

Crew Appraisal list window displays the crew members based on capacity assigned by the appraisal group department. The system will give the appraisal status indication in left side of crew members list. If you want to appraise the crew member just double click on the name in the list. The system will display the crew appraisal details window where you can evaluate the crew member.

Crew App Crew App List

General Information Page - Categories Section. The appraisal questions are displayed based on capacity and user cannot edit the questions. The appraiser can choose the grade values between 0 to 5 (5 is the highest) and 0 will be the default if that particular question is not applicable.

General Information Page - Other Section. Here you can enter some additional details for the particular person. Please see the below fig.

General Information Page - Promotion Section. The appraiser can enter the promotion details in this section. Please see the below fig.

General Information Page - Status Section. The names of the Supervisor and Master have to be selected before completing the appraisal. If the user selects 'No Appraisal' status the system sets the grade values to zero, sets the other values to null, sets the promotion values to null and makes it not editable. The appraisal status can be either 'Completed' or 'No Appraisal' status.

Crew Appraisal Details

The Supervisor will be able to complete the appraisal but only Master can close the appraisal or make it 'No appraisal' Status. The appraisal should be completed or No appraisal status should be selected before the closure of the appraisal.

The status of the crew appraisal list will be set automatically based on the appraisal status in the crew appraisal detail window.

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