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Crew Management

Crew Management Section is used to automatic sign on/off personnel and to change their capacity/duty status if necessary. This section is also used to enter and maintain data regarding the crew.  Automatic Safe Manning Check and Reassignment.

By integration/interface with a variety of other land based systems all the crew data can be automatically imported.

You also use Crew Management to enter and maintain personal data for those on board.

The Crew Management list window on the left can display persons in these three groupings:

Crew Management

On the right all the data for highlighted crew member is displayed in 7 different tab pages. Below each tab page is described in detail.

The Personal Data tab: Here you register/update personal data (name, ID - number, nationality, place of birth etc.) and union code, agreement code, wage number etc.  Here you can also attach the crew member's photo using the Insert new picture icon.

Agreement: The agreement type will determine the payroll profile of the crew member. It is important to select the correct agreement type so that the crew member can be given allowances/deduction etc. as per his agreement.

Port List capacity: You can use this field to change the persons capacity if you want a different capacity to be displayed on port papers.

Note: The Port list capacity field is also used for the Safe Manning List.

Union: This field is used when printing Agreements. For other persons not employed under an agreement (repairmen, relatives etc.), this field should also be blank.

The Address tab: Here you enter/update address information, telephone number and mobile phone number of the crew member's closest relatives.

The Passport/Disch. Book tab: Here you enter/update passport and discharge book information as well as US Visa, Schengen visa and if relevant the Australian crew no. to be displayed on the Australian Crew List.

The Vaccination tab: Here you enter/update relevant vaccinations. If a vaccination is not found in the drop down list, it can be created in the table window, by selecting the vaccination in the list to the left.

The CV Info tab: Here you enter/update relevant CV information. If  CV information is not found in the drop down list, it can be created in the table window, by selecting the CV Info Item in the list to the left.

The Personal Effect(s) tab: Here you enter/update any personal effects that the person wants to include in the IMO - Crew's effects declarations.

The Sign On/Off tab: This tab displays sign on/off registrations for the person. You can keep track of any changes to the person's capacity/duty status during the sign on period. It is possible to delete an incorrect sign on/sign off.

Note: Several fields are already filled in if the person's crew data has been automatically received from the Shipping Company. You may have to check that the data sent automatically is correct before signing the person on.

Delete Crew Member: The Delete function is active in the Crew Management section for status Imported/New and Signed Off and is used to delete persons who have been wrongly imported or manually created or crew that is not used anymore and has not been deleted. A crew member in status Signed Off can only be deleted if there is no payroll records for this individual.


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