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Payroll Section enables you to enter and view payroll details for crewmembers. The Ships Account and the crew's individual accounts can be maintained and printed.

Allowance and Deduction. This function lets you handle information about the reimbursement of travel expenses etc., consumption and overtime. For practical reasons, the window is divided into six tab pages: Cash Advance, Allowances, Deductions, Misc/Overtime, Allotment and Remarks. The Allowance/Deduction that a crew member can have are related to his Agreement type and his rank.

The Cash Advance tab page shows how much the individual person has drawn in cash.

The Allowances tab page is used for recording the crew members allowances on board.

The Deduction tab is used for recording the crew members deductions on board.

The Misc./Overtime tab is used for recording any miscellaneous expenses to be paid to the crewmember and also to register the crewmembers overtime onboard.

The Remarks tab is used for entering additional remarks if any.

Payroll Allowance

In Mass Reporting you can register amounts for the crewmembers Cash drawn, Slop Chest and Ship's Club consumption.

Payroll Mass Reporting

Open/Close Personal Account. This function is used to open and close the individual person's Personal Account (overtime/consumption accounts). When a person is signed on for the first time a payroll account is automatically activated for him and while the person is on board, his personal account must remain open.

If a person's capacity has changed while he is onboard a new account will be opened for him for this new capacity. This means that the person will have 2 open accounts. It is recommended that the old account is closed when the new account is opened. When you close the month, the person will only have his new account open in the new month.

Payroll Personal Account

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