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Port Information

Port Information Section

This section allows you to register the requirements for port documents in connection with ports of call, both arrivals and departures.

The section includes a Ship Information window where all details of the vessel are shown. Many of these details are automatically used in the different port papers.

Port Section Ship Information

The window contains 5 tabs (Basic Information, Measurement Information, Owner/Charterer, Misc. Information and Cargo Information) where you can enter vessel specific information such as port Information, ports of call, provision stores, deck/engine stores.

Port Information

Port Information contains the SEAMANAGER's port table. Port Information also lets you create and delete (user-defined) ports, register information and record the requirements for the number of port documents required in a port of call.

In the upper right corner there is a check box to toggle if you want to see all ports in the system or only the ports that are currently active in the system. All the active ports will be marked with a green dot to the left of the port in the list.

Port Section Port Information

Port List Definition

Port List Definition

A window with three columns is displayed with all available port documents in column 1 (List). You use column 2 (Arrival) and 3 (Departure) to indicate how many copies of a document you need for arrivals and departures, respectively.

Finally, you may select a date format for the printed port list.

Ports of Call

allows you to register ports you have called at and (to a certain degree) to register information on future ports of call. You can add various information for each port call (agent's address, berth number etc.) that will be used in the printed port documents.

Port Section Ports Of Call

Port Section Requesting List


Requesting Defined Port Lists

When the Port of Call window is active you can select the port for which you want to print port documents.

A Requesting Lists displays the port documents specified for the selected port via Port List Definition. All the information entered in the Port of Call will be used to fill out all possible fields.

Port Section List Parameters

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