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Rest Hour Registration

Rest Hour Registration Section (ILO 180) helps the Master and the ship owner to achieve full control of the rest hour registration and to properly document any breach of regulations. A PDF file is once a month generated for each crew member and used for documentation. The PDF file is sent to the office for archiving for 3 years according to the MLC 2006 requirements. The operator can use preprogrammed reason codes and standard reasons for violation of rest hour. Violations are clearly marked in red and thus easy to identify.

Rest Hour Registration

Rest Hour Registration: In the Rest Hour Registration it is possible for a crew member to register rest hours in order to meet the international regulation for Rest Hour Registration.

The window shows:

  1. A drop-down list of all the crew members currently signed on.
  2. Three check boxes to set/view the settings of the day.
  3. A drop-down list of the available periods (current month, six months in the past and one month in the future.
  4. A graphical view of the selected crew member's rest hour registrations.
  5. Four buttons to change the current day.
  6. A detailed list of the selected crew member's rest hour registrations.
  7. An area to enter new registrations and make remarks.
  8. Crew members last sign-on date will be displayed.

New Rest Hour Registration: The Rest Hour Details displays the registered time and sums up the rest hours.

Edit Rest Hour Registration: To change a registration, choose the registration you want to change in the Rest Hour Details window.

Delete Rest Hour Registration: To delete a registration, choose the registration you want to delete in the Rest Hour Details window.

Enter Reason For Violation: If a violation of the regulations occurs a warning is displayed in the lower part of the window and the graphical bar will turn red. The  crew member must select a code and a reason. By clicking the button next to the Code a drop down list all available codes are shown. Clicking the button next to the Reason drop down list reveals a list of reasons to choose from.

Watch keeper: As Watch Keeper the crew member is working under other rules than the Rest Hour Regulations and by clicking the Watch Keeper box the normal regulations are overruled.

Close Day: When registrations for the 24-hour period are made, check the Closed box in the Day settings part of the window. When Closed has been checked the next day's registration will automatically be displayed in the Day settings.

Accept Day: The Master can accept the registration by clicking the Accepted box in the Day settings part of the window. After this the crew member cannot change the registration by himself.

Change Period: To change a period click on the arrow on the drop down list in the Period part of the window and select the requested period. The list shows the current period as well as one period in the past and one period in the future.

Delegation: The Master and Senior Officers have the options to delegate Rest Hour registrations to subordinates onboard via the SEAMANAGER system access settings.

Rest Hour Planning: The Master has the possibility to plan the rest hour for the entire crew. The black areas are the actual set rest hours. The green areas are planned hours similar to the black areas but have to be confirmed. The yellow area is planned rest hour in violation with the regulations. The red area is actual deviation from the regulations. Rest Hour Reports can be generated for the individual crew member or for the entire crew.

Rest Hour Planning


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