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Vessel Certificate

Vessels Certificate Section

The Vessel Certificate section is used to create or update all the vessels PRIMARY certificates. There is also the possibility to create and update "Other Certificates" which are user-defined certificates.

The Vessel Certificate section is solely the Master's tool and is not integrated with other systems ashore or onboard. Some certificate information is however used on various port lists.

The Certificate List window has two tab pages:

  1. Primary Certificates - This is a list of all the primary certificates
  2. Other Certificates - This is a list of user defined certificates

Certificate List
The primary certificate list in SEAMANAGER contains all the certificates defined by the owner according to for example the company's ISM manual or other mandatory certificates. The number shown next to the certificate name corresponds to the ISM manual number. These names and numbers cannot be altered or deleted. However, it is possible to de-activate the ones not applicable for a specific vessel type.

For each certificate it is possible to enter issue date, last survey, next survey, expiry date, certificate information etc. SEAMANAGER will notify when a certificate is due to expire (yellow alarm) or when it has expired (red alarm).

On the Other Certificates tab page it is possible to create user-defined certificates used only onboard the vessel.

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